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suitable for management offices type 2157


suitable for management offices type 2157

Category Management desk

Family: Unica
Shape: L-Shaped management desks


L (Side)


Product Specification

Technical Specifications
Usage: Suitable for management offices
Dimensions: (1900~2800)L x 1800W x 750H mm
Features: 6 different sizes drawer for stationeries, accessories and standard folders, suitable for placing book and ornamental objects, two door cabinet for paper file folders, books, etc., cabinet for handbag and personal accessories, suitable surface for facsimile machine, monitor and etc., desk pad with leather cover, vent duct for conducting cables to the bottom of the desk, 2 cable clamps for ordering extra wires under the desk

R (Side)


SKU (R) H W L SKU (L) Description
2157R-02 750 1800 2400 2157L-01 با پد چرمی دوخت‌‌دار
2157R-04 750 1800 2600 2157L-03 با پد چرمی دوخت‌‌دار
2157R-06 750 1800 2800 2157L-05 با پد چرمی دوخت‌‌دار


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