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The choice of office furniture is very important for any environment, whether office, commercial or residential. A correct and successful choice requires proper knowledge of the selected options and sufficient knowledge to identify the best option to meet all existing needs.
In the commercial office furniture market, different categories are defined, but among all these definitions, product classification in terms of their application leads us to the goal and choice of office furniture; Mohit Ara, with years of experience in the field of office furniture, has made its office furniture products available to you in the same category.
In this article, we will introduce the types of office furniture and its applications, and as a manufacturer of these products, we will point out a few points that you should consider when buying office furniture, and it will help you choose the best option.

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Office furniture, the showcase of your organizational identity

Employees and managers of companies and institutions usually spend between 8 and 10 hours, in other words, a third of a day in their office and workplace. This has made the workplace the second home of every working person. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to the decor, accessories and furniture in the office space, like the decor of a house. Every business company or office organization shows its personality, financial strength and social prestige by using the types of office furniture that it uses in the layout of the collection. Remember that before you start talking and introducing your organization, it is the office furniture and space decoration of your organization or store that introduces itself to customers and clients.

Before buying office furniture, it is better to think about the answers to the following questions and keep these factors in mind when buying office furniture.

  1. What age does our organization represent? Do we have a young and modern organization? Or do we have an organization with a history and showing antiquity is part of its identity?
  2. Is the style of our organization and collection formal and serious, or do we intend to create a private organization with fancy and informal decor and a space to create creativity and dynamism? For example, do our employees wear uniforms and are we in contact with government agencies? Or are we a private organization with an informal cover and most of our audiences are ordinary people?
  3. What are the features of the complex building? Do we have a large space that needs to be used all the time with the arrangement of office furniture? Or do we have a simple room that will be equipped with just a few tables and chairs?
  4. How many staff do we have and what positions do they hold with different social positions? Do they need special furniture?
  5. What style of decoration have we used in our organization before buying furniture? What color, material and design have we used for decoration or which style do we want to use?
  6. Do we intend to see corporate identity such as branding elements, corporate color, logo or special graphic elements in furniture?
  7. What is our personal taste? Do we prefer glamorous styles with a lot of details or do we prefer minimal and simple styles?

Office workspace

By answering the above questions, you can extract your organizational identity, audience identity, expected social status, layout, adaptation of decoration and office furniture, and finally your personality and interests, and gain a realistic view of buying office furniture. .

What use do you have for office furniture?

Your needs and expectations of office furniture and the factors that you define in your mind after answering the initial questions will affect the purchase as well as the price of the furniture. Before choosing a piece of furniture, you should know the intended use for it.

Some people just think of office furniture as a place to archive or store office supplies, but this is a misconception. You spend a lot of time with your office furniture. This increases the importance of attention and accuracy when choosing office furniture.

To be able to get a good understanding of the use of office furniture that you need, look for answers to the following questions:

  1. What are the daily chores we do next to office furniture? Do we deal with a lot of documents and administrative files and will we always have a table full of files and junk? Or will administrative and internal affairs be done through computers? Note that sometimes from month or year, one or more positions in your collection need to have access to multiple documents at the same time, and therefore require more space than normal days. Depending on how many times a month or year this situation may occur and taking into account the budget and other factors, we recommend buying office furniture to consider the largest size required in such cases. Nothing worse than a small desk or chair can make you tired and frustrated.
  2. What equipment do you use? Many offices and organizations today use computers to do things, but sometimes the use of scanners, printers, fax machines or other office supplies is very important, you should choose furniture that easily provides enough space you need to You can use all these essentials. The clutter in the workplace in the future can really tire you out. So pay attention to the features required for your equipment and even be a little forward-looking, and if you are going to buy another office machine in the future, be sure to consider its space now.
  3. How do you communicate with your contacts? One of the most important points in buying office furniture is to consider how to contact the contacts. Sometimes communication with the audience is limited to a few simple conversations and calls during the day, but sometimes you have a lot of clients during the day, so it is important to consider the necessary predictions and at the same time the security of the items that are more important to you. Is define.
  4. Do you need a safe space? Some businesses require you to check confidential or legal documents. At this time, the protection and security of these documents is important. Make sure that the office furniture you are going to buy provides you with enough security space where you can put your documents and continue your work safely. Consider safe drawers, cupboards, and closets. Also check how to lock and access it. Losing a document can cost several times as much as office furniture.
  5. What are the accesses of the units in our organization? Consider the communication of persons and the necessary access spaces for each staff. Is it necessary for everyone to have an open space when sitting? Or do you have a limited area? Is there a lot of traffic in your workplace? Is it necessary to use shared office equipment permanently while working? Before buying office furniture, consider all of these and similar items that may be specific to your collection.

Types of office furniture

Most of us have a laid back attitude when it comes to painting a picture about office furniture, a coffee table and a large black chair. But today the variety of these products has increased so much and there are so many choices in form and color that the decision to choose has become a difficult and complex task. Without sufficient knowledge and understanding of the available items, you may have difficulty in choosing the best option to meet the defined needs, despite spending a lot of time and money. As a manufacturer of office furniture, we suggest that you know the components of office furniture before buying office furniture and planning.

Tables in the structure of office furniture

Office furniture without a desk is almost meaningless. Desks have different shapes and each of them can give a different definition to your office space depending on the space and situation. In the continuation of this article, we will review the types of desks and offices and we will see how you can create different furniture by using this tool.

The desk is the most basic part of the job

Tables are especially important in office furniture. Appearance, features of a table and its type can change the use and identity of a space. Today, office desks are available in the commercial market in terms of applications and materials with high diversity. From a simple employee desk to classic all-wood inlaid management desks, or site and team desks that are commonly used in startup and studio spaces. Also, meeting and meeting tables, which have a completely different structure from work desks, depending on the type of application. Reception desks and counters, which are usually seen at the entrances of every office and company, with a variety of common or new structures and materials, have a wide variety of forms.

Yellow work desk

It may be best to start by identifying your needs and expectations from a desk by answering the following questions:

  1. What exactly is your job behind the desk? Do you spend a short time at your desk? Or is the desk your daily work tool and all your work is done behind it? Do you have clients or may you have appointments during the day? What's important is to have a clear definition of your desk and the needs you may have during the day when using your desk.
  2. What tools should you put on the table? Is a stylish office set and a monitor enough? Are there any peripherals such as scanners or printers on your desk? Do you have a lot of documents and files on your desk? Be sure to pay attention to these items. Be careful when choosing a desk for office furniture to always consider the largest dimensions, even if this size is required once a month. There is nothing more annoying than having a small desk from which your belongings are constantly falling down, or being taken away from a computer keyboard after opening an accounting office. So consider the worst case scenario and the maximum tools needed to determine the dimensions required.
  3. How important is security for you? Do you have documents that the client should not have access to? Should your documents be kept secret from clients at the time of writing? Shouldn't anyone see your monitor image? These are very important in choosing the table and the arrangement of the chairs as well as the way of entertaining your guests.
  4. How should lighting be provided? Although office desks are often under room lighting, sometimes you need to use extra lights to work better. If so, consider enough space to place the lamp base.
  5. Do you need a drawer? Are cupboards and closets mandatory for your desk? How should their doors be locked? Consider the comfort and number of drawers and cupboards under the table. Nowadays, due to the existence of computers, most computer cases are placed under desks. If you have to use a computer case or office equipment such as printers and scanners, etc. and they are to be placed under the desk or on it, how to place it Specify the catch.
  6. Is it necessary for the position of employees and staff and their classification to be clear from the appearance and form of their desk? For example, a classic operating table can be made of natural wood and decorated with inlay, or even parts of the table can be used with leather upholstery to double its beauty. The use of mosaic works, errors, inlays, embellishments, etc. are also determined depending on your budget as well as your taste. The table is like the eyes on a human face. It is a place that has a great impact on the audience. It is not in vain that most managers choose a majestic table as the basis of their decoration work and then set everything with it. But a simple desk may be made of umbrellas or even chipboard, and may consist of just one home, pedestals, and table. These two examples are not comparable in the position and prestige they display of their user.

By understanding the answers to these questions, you can choose your own desk. Tables often have certain standard dimensions, but when buying, it is better to sit behind a table that suits your needs and tastes and measure its dimensions according to your physical condition and anatomy to have a comfortable table whose height is neither too high nor too short. Be. The table should be up to your chest line when sitting upright on a chair.
In the office furniture market, tables are designed and made in several ways:

  • Traditional method: In this method, the bodies, base and table top are made together and usually made of natural wood. The table is often painted after finishing work, and additional ceremonial components may be added with carpentry and other arts. These tables are often made of wood from forest trees and are therefore expensive. Some experienced craftsmen do not use any metal in the construction of these tables and therefore the whole table is made of wood. Depending on the master craftsmanship and skill of these tables, they may cost tens of times as much as modern tables. They may take a month or more to build.


Classic office furniture


  • New carpentry method: Before the introduction of compact boards, a combination of hardwood and relatively compact boards (such as chipboard) was used to make most office desks. These tables weighed less and used tables, screws and glue to connect the components. These tables are much lighter than traditional tables. But they are still made seamlessly. Polymer-based paints are often used for painting. However, depending on the mastery of the builder, these tables can be aesthetically pleasing and at the same time present a modern, traditional look. The smell of painted wood on these tables is truly mesmerizing.
  • Modern woodworking method: With the advent of ultra-compact board (MDF), the office furniture manufacturing industry has really changed. MDF eliminated many of the shortcomings of previous systems and provided excellent facilities for importers and manufacturers of office equipment. Tables made of MDF are modern in both appearance and appearance. Special screws or fittings are used to connect the components here. Designs are often based on smooth edges. The variety of colors in these products is very high and unlike the previous two methods, there is no need for painting and polishing after production. One of the advantages of this type of desks and office furniture of this material is that it is possible to break the product and the table or other pieces of furniture can be opened and put in a package and moved and reassembled in a new place. Appeared. For furniture in tall buildings, this advantage is really a great gift. One of the disadvantages of this is that the tables and furniture made of MDF can not be paid for. It is not possible to use beautiful designs such as inlays or mosaics on them, and at the same time in case of damage to their surface (such as drawing a sharp object on their surface) this defect will almost remain on the table and the possibility of polishing And there is no correction.
  • Production with polymeric materials: Today, all kinds of large industrial molds have been made, with the help of which it is possible to produce all kinds of components of an office furniture. Polymer tables are very light. They are water resistant. They can be easily opened and reassembled and have a lower price than wooden tables. But the problem is that these tables do not look so magnificent. Their designers are more interested in economics and usability than in beauty. They are often reproduced in white or gray, which can be used in most environments and with most colors. However, due to the limitations in the appearance of these tables, it is the last choice of all decoration designers and they are raised when the number of staff is high and the budget allocated for the purchase of office furniture is not enough to provide office furniture made of chipboard or Omidof.

In addition to the various tables mentioned here, attached or complementary tables are also very important. Connected tables are usually not used independently and can only be used next to the main table. These tables are usually attached to the main table for a conference or meeting with a client. Complementary tables are often placed in an el-shaped shape next to the main table, giving the user extra space. Their surface is often used to house office machines such as printers, scanners, fax machines and telephones. Sometimes they are a barrier for the client to enter behind the desk.
Complementary maneuvering tables increase your layout and you can have more space to manage the use. Since the space under these tables is often not used to place the feet, they are a good place to add drawers and cupboards and can give you more space to place a variety of accessories.
At the same time, complementary tables and filings can be used as separators for workspaces. In some offices, several employees are placed together, these products act as a partition here and provide a specific boundary for each employee and create privacy for him.
In addition to the main and complementary tables, sometimes other functional tables may be needed in the office furniture space. Reception tables are one of these. We will examine this point in more detail in the next section.

Reception tables and office meeting

Office reception desks should be beautiful and formal, friendly and kind. Most of these tables are chosen in combination with the arrangement of furniture or chairs around it, but we, as a manufacturer with a history of office furniture, tell you to choose everything based on your main table. If every table or every piece of office furniture that you use in the decoration of the collection plays its own instrument, the result is chaos and disorder in the environment.
Then choose the reception table based on the pattern of the main work table in the environment. If you choose a luxurious and beautiful main table, choose a reception table and other components in accordance with the same style, and if you like a modern look, choose a modern and minimalist reception table.
Pay attention to the following points when choosing a dining table and furniture:

Glass reception table


  • Not too big and wide. You are not supposed to be away from your guests. Office reception desks are usually a place to negotiate and talk.
  • It is possible for everyone to sit. If you have busy meetings, even a few times a year, it is best to choose a meeting table that has enough space for this meeting. A meeting where many people are standing or can not use the space of the main meeting table is not pleasant. Use U-shaped tables if room space allows. You do not want to be frustrated if you can get the right pitch so invest in a good capo.
  • Consider catering facilities well. Some companies require that meeting guests use a laptop or monitor. They also sometimes need to review a lot of documentation. Here a small meeting table or not having enough power outlets is really troublesome.
  • Pay attention to audio-visual equipment. The conference table in the meeting room is more of a practical tool than a ceremonial tool. Consider the location of the video projector screen, possibly the placement of monitors, the placement of documents, and other tools needed for your meetings. All of these can affect the quality of people attending your meeting.
  • Consider comfort. Be sure to consider the convenience of the guests. Meeting in a crowded space is not a good idea at all to deal with issues. If you choose a conference table and chairs, choose the most comfortable shape. In such a way that the possibility of reception, movement, rotation and comfort in sitting and getting up is considered. It is best to keep people's space at a distance that protects their privacy. Even pay attention to the placement of the air conditioners, the lights, the windows, and the movement of the host instead of the air conditioners, how well they dominate the screen or how easy it is to hear the speech.


Desks are another complementary part that is added to your decoration and office furniture. These desks are mostly used in crowded places such as offices and banks so that people can fill in their documents accurately. But these tables are also important and you should pay attention to the following points about them:

Desks with different height

  • Most people stand while using these tables. It is better to consider the size of about one hundred and ten centimeters for these tables so that people can use them both sitting and standing. (In choosing furniture for clients, shorter height is always a condition of choice).
  • The size of these tables should not be too small and not too large.
  • Writing tools should be well available on these desks. It is also best to use wooden walls to protect the privacy of people when filling out documents.


Office sofa and chair

The chair in the office furniture stays in the body like a heart, most of the time when you are sitting next to your office furniture. There are several types of chairs, some of which we will review together:

  • The simplest office chairs are wheelchairs with soft and flexible backs. These chairs are produced in different forms.
  • The type of gaming chair is one of the chairs that has become very popular recently. These chairs have a sporty look and are suitable for younger and modern spaces.
  • Office chairs with thick tops and backs are some of the chairs that have recently entered the market. The thickness and comfort of these chairs is great and therefore creates a good feeling when sitting. Disadvantages of these chairs are high weight and inflexibility in some models.
  • In recent years, examples of office chairs have been produced that do not have side handles. These office chairs allow you to sit and get up quickly and move around.

Each company and factory may have different categories for its products. But here are the things to keep in mind:

  • Seat height should not be too high or too short Adjustable seat heights often cover from 50 cm to 90 cm (depending on model and seating position).
  • The handles next to the chair are very important, they prevent the hands from hanging and fatigue when typing and handicrafts. The height of the handlebars should be adjustable, and at the same time the covers should be soft and have a cover that prevents the handles from sweating.
  • Office chairs often have S-shaped backrests. This allows the back to be properly positioned at the lumbar arch and prevents the back from bending too much. Note that the backs must be flexible up to a 110-degree angle (although some models allow you to bend more and even lie down completely) (the best seats are those that support the waist and neck at the same time.
  • Seating is also an important part. This part should not be too hard or too soft. Both of these can cause back pain.
  • The material of the chair is also important. Leather materials or some synthetic materials cause excessive sweating. It is best to use fabric procedures that have a good airflow around the body and prevent sweating.
  • The color of the chair is the next thing you should pay attention to. Color has two uses. The first use of chair color is that it is a complement to the aesthetics of the product and can sometimes be your corporate color. The second use of paint is to hide environmental pollutants. Bright colors are great if you work in an office or in a place where cleaning is done weekly and periodically, but if you are in a regular office, black can reduce the hassle of regular cleaning. Of course, we repeat that it is important to consider the whole decoration together to choose the color.

In addition to office chairs, there are a variety of office furniture that you should consider. Reception chairs, reception sofas and staff sofas are some of the office furniture, which we will briefly explain about this category of office furniture.


Office chair and sofa


Reception chairs

These chairs are often high. And they do not have handles. These chairs are suitable for sitting and getting up quickly and allow the employee to react quickly. They are also easily rotatable and allow for comfortable movement in the environment.


Catering sofas

These sofas allow you to entertain guests and clients. These sofas are short and due to the soft backs and seats, provide a pleasant space for relaxation. These sofas have different structures. Some are more formal and some are more comfortable. The variety in this category of sofas is very high and in terms of material and color, you have many options in front of you.
Some of the sofas may have a classic look and pattern, and they use wood inlaid art and fabrics with traditional or Islamic designs that are suitable for classic spaces.

But today, modern furniture has more fans and simple sofas are a better choice for office spaces.


Catering sofas

Employee rest sofas

You may have separate rest areas for your employees. Employees may use a separate space from their own work space and office during meals or meetings. Here the choice of furniture can be made very freely. But it is better to use modern furniture with the ability to relax and even become a bed. Employees sometimes have to spend long hours at work or even overnight in your organization. Using sofas that can be converted into a bed can be a great choice. Try to consider all the situations that may happen in the future so that you can choose the best option according to the circumstances.

Now that we are familiar with the types of furniture, it is time to start creating the general space and location of office furniture.


Proper space arrangement in office furniture

Your office decoration is actually part of your organizational identity, the very face that you want others to see or know about your company. In the previous sections, we mentioned that your office furniture is the first place that clients and customers come across, and before you start talking, they convey messages to the audience with their appearance and layout. They talk to your clients without any compliments about your managerial abilities, income level or type of thinking. Before you try to convince customers to buy from you or work with you, it's your office furniture that affects them and may convey different feelings such as intimacy, comfort and trust. Or, conversely, the confusion and the choice of too many disproportionate colors convey a sense of confusion, disorder, and unreliability. So optimize it without any doubt.
It may be necessary to further define and recognize several concepts in interior decoration.


Create a piece of furniture with character

When it comes to decorating and arranging office furniture, most people think that picking up a few chairs and desks is easy and we can do it ourselves! It may seem simple at first glance to set up a small room, home office, and the like, but it is much more complex and specialized for larger projects and organizations with diverse job definitions. In fact, office furniture, such as your office and organization suit, in addition to being appropriate for your environment and space, should be appropriate for the organizational identity and personality that you intend to display from your collection. As a result, you have to have a logical reason for each element you use, as well as its location, and not just arbitrarily.

The first and simplest logic in arranging office furniture is to maintain movement and perspective. This logic says that you have to manage the look and movement of your audience and yourself. To do this, pay attention to the following:

Red theme office furniture


  • How do you communicate with your contacts? Are you a room and meeting speaker? Do you have to check documents during the presence of clients? Are you often alone and do not need to interact with your audience? Do you have to frequently go outside the room or other parts of the room to access documents? This is important because it determines the movement and placement of each staff member in the administrative plan. Regardless of these issues, you get stuck behind a pile of tables and chairs, and for the simplest moves you have to expend a lot of energy and do extra work. Typically, one of the following two situations may occur in your communications and access:
    • You have to interact directly with your contacts and clients and you need to travel frequently to different parts of the room and also your contacts must have regular visits to you to do things; In these cases, go for secluded furniture. As a manufacturer of modern office furniture, we do not recommend classic furniture designs in this situation. These plans are cumbersome and take the opportunity to move from you as well as from your contacts and clients. At the same time, in these situations, it is better to use bright colors, natural daylight or enhanced artificial lights inside as much as possible. Light creates a better space and relationship for you than the complexity of the space.
    • You have to talk to your audience and for example you deal with three or finally five people during the day, most of the time you have to focus on your work, then you can use traditional and classic furniture according to your taste. . Traditional office furniture is great for creating cozy and friendly spaces. You can even cover the windows with slightly duller curtains for warmer space, use dimmer lights. Here, coziness is the first letter.
  • Originality or service is the issue. If you are planning to buy the right office furniture for your organization, first determine whether it is important for you to have the originality and rooting of the organization or its service and organizational productivity. In this range, whatever you go for originality, you should go for classic and traditional all-wood furniture. Even a few old frames from the founders or a few old decorative objects can emphasize this originality even more. Carpets, dining tables and sofas carved from wood, etc. all contribute to this space. If you want to show yourself original, you have to go to the heart of history. At the same time, if productivity and services are important to you, you should go for simpler office equipment. Bright colors, more secluded environments, the use of signposts, bright ambient lights are helpful here. In the following sections of this article, we will discuss this further.
  • The price of office furniture is an important factor in expanding your decoration. Determine your costs precisely because you need to budget for all the parts you want to change or equip. To be able to have a decoration with homogeneous office furniture, plan and budget for everything. Our suggestion as a manufacturer of office furniture is to consider a logic for developing your decoration before buying any furniture. In the next step, even if you can not buy office decoration in one step, complete this decoration in the next steps and next time. It is better to have a shopping plan and a list of equipment you need and act accordingly and on a priority basis to reduce unnecessary or less expensive expenses.
  • Your personal taste is always a priority. Many people are not interested in traditional decorations. These decorations are not to everyone's taste. But this does not mean that the identity and history of a company can only be displayed on this type of furniture. Originality can also be shown with a modern decoration and office furniture. It is true that traditional decorations can show antiquity and originality, but they do not contain the concept of "competition and success". Modern décor and furniture these days with a variety of designs, sometimes even better than the old furniture, so if you do not like traditional methods, do not bother yourself, we have nothing as good or bad decoration design. It's up to you to decide what kind of furniture is around you.
  • Check the dimensions. One of the most important things to consider is the size of the environment. In expensive buildings these days, having a 20 or 30 meter office can be a lot of space, but sometimes your space is even smaller. Also, sometimes your office may be part of a larger space, such as an exhibition hall or a partitioned office or store space. In all these cases, it is very important to consider the dimensions of the space to choose office furniture that fits the environment. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your space:
    • Small size is not a disaster, as long as you use the available space properly. It is better not to use dark colored furniture in small spaces. Bright colors of office furniture are the best option in these cases. It is also better to use drawers and cupboards for the office desk and the equipment that is to be placed on it. Try to use drawers, shelves and cupboards properly. Do not order large tables at all, it is better to have a multi-piece table or modular tables whose length can be increased or decreased so that you can make the table space more elongated or shorter depending on different situations. Use diffused lights in the space to make the environment look bigger. Windows are very important here, do not cover them at all or do not do so with dark curtains.
    • If your dimensions are large and independent, it is better to consider different types of options. Do you want to use modern or traditional office furniture? Do you want your room to be a meeting place? Should office work such as printing or scanning be done in your room? All of these factors greatly affect the layout of your room. However, you do not have a large warehouse. You have more space to manage. Larger space means you can add more equipment to the environment, but that does not mean you have to fill all the space. Empty sections also form an independent and specific part of your office furniture that you should respect. But here your choices are relatively large. You can choose a classic and traditional space, or go for modern spaces.
    • Your space is part of another space. One of the characteristics of today's commercial spaces is the continuity of space under one roof. Spaces such as department stores, exhibition halls, or even partitioned office spaces are very common today. If you choose a part of a large space as an office and you want to furnish it according to your taste, you should be careful not to disturb the integrity of the environment. Try to choose everything in balance with your environment. It is better to keep the colors in proportion. You can use the partition or change the angle of the lights to separate the space. A change in the amount of light in an area can be a good indication of its independence. Of course, in such spaces, the type of store or work activity is very important. Iranian shopping environments are often white, cold and non-independent, but sometimes cozy and warm environments are also seen. That is why the furniture you use for this part of your work gives you many choices. But follow the general rule: "Limit color diversity, and focus on your organizational and work identity."


Types of modern spaces and furniture suitable for them

Now that we are talking about space, it is not bad to take a look at today's business spaces and see what furniture is suitable for each of them. Spaces can be very diverse in terms of application, comfort, interaction with the audience and the type of business. From a bank to a waiting room for a doctor's appointment are all in these spaces. That's why we're looking at some of the most common ones.

Office and financial environments

One of the most important concerns of the owners of financial departments or similar jobs is to keep the users calm and at the same time interact with the customer in the best way.
Here, the type of cupboards, tables are important for office equipment due to their use. Also, the chairs should be very flexible and comfortable, and the space around this office furniture should be as open as possible so that the movement of employees is not restricted. In some of these spaces, security issues should be considered and, if necessary, it can be used to separate the environment from the box office, partitions, etc., so that the financial documents are not scattered and are not available to everyone.
The issue of light, especially natural light, must also be considered. Continuous work in artificial light, in addition to eye fatigue, can also cause mental fatigue. Especially in the cold seasons of the year, natural light is one of the most important factors in regulating people's mood. Ambient airflow should not be overlooked in matters such as the corona epidemic or other public health issues. Finally, sound management in these spaces is very important and noise pollution should not be enhanced.
Therefore, it can be pointed out that in these places, there are two types of models of fixed base chair and rotating base for waiting, standing, sitting and getting up a lot.
You can see an example of office furniture in the picture below:

Office and financial environments

Public office spaces

Public office spaces are among the spaces that we see in offices with a large audience. The number of clients here can be large. Public office spaces can be more than just for office work, such as university work environments, Internet cafes, or some environments that host large numbers of clients. Therefore, we must pay attention to the type of function here.
By using bright colors, the lighting cost of these large environments can be reduced. The prevailing expectation in this space is productivity at the highest level, of course, aesthetics also play an important role in these spaces.

Public office spaces

Private office environments
Another part of office environments is the use of independent spaces for each employee.
As mentioned above, you have a lot of choices here. We mentioned several factors above. But be sure to pay attention to these points:
What organization is this office for? A big, rich organization or a start-up with little budget?
What is to be done? Management? Answer? Doing paperwork? Or dialogue and negotiation?
How much interaction is done in it? Are there many or few clients in this section? How long do people stay to get things done?

Where does light come from? How much natural light is available?
What is the ventilation of the room like? Is there a window?
What devices and machines are placed in the room? Do you need a printer, scanner, fax, telephone or any other device in this room?
Who is in this room? Manager, employee, accountant, responsible for administrative work and ...
What tastes does the person use? Do you like modern or traditional furniture? Does he work a lot or does he like to spend a lot of time concentrating?


Impact of light in the workplace


By combining these questions, you can identify the challenges you face. Do not rush to answer these questions, measure everything, ask and see the space for yourself. Any good answer can solve a part of your puzzle and give you a strong logic that you can convince your employer to follow your thinking in designing your office furniture decoration.


Light suitable for the work environment Light suitable for the work environment


Office furniture Conference rooms

Conference rooms are an integral part of today's organizational management. These spaces can well define the organizational identity and the outcome of the decisions you want to make. If you are looking for a modern environment you should use simple structures for this environment. Of course, this does not mean simply eliminating everything, but the connection that exists between the various components of a conference environment should be simple and give a single meaning to the mind of the viewer and the person in the space.
For this purpose, pay attention to the following:
The conference environment should not be crowded and should not be as showy as possible. It is a kind of room for thinking, talking and interacting. Often people in a conference room do not pay attention to the surroundings, but focus on the topic of discussion.
Follow the environment based on the same color principles. Maintaining color balance is important here. If the environment you are designing is disturbed in terms of color balance, you are instilling a sense of non-sharing in your conference room audience. Also, if your office is going to host guests from outside the organization, the office furniture of the meeting room will be your point of interaction, so it is important how you feel at first glance.

Put away the hustle and bustle. Suitable space for each chair in the space around the table is 70 cm to one meter. This space is for sitting and getting up, putting documents, using computers and laptops, taking notes and entertaining. If you have little space, you do not need to use a lot of chairs around a table. In this way, you only add to the confusion of your audience. It is best to place extra chairs outside the conference room and add them to your living room if needed. Also, do not use too many pictures on the walls. It is better to use limited and related images related to the theme of the company for the decoration and wall decoration of the conference room. An industrial photography of products or a painting by a famous painter can be a good option. But all this is optional and there is no obligation.


Office furniture Conference rooms

In addition to the restrictions on decorating the walls, be a little stingy in the conference room objects! Do not fill the tables with all kinds of flowers and vases, candlesticks, napkins, aprons and other formal and office tools. The goal here is to have enough space for conversation. Catering is next. So it is better to limit the process of choosing your arrangement to a few paper towels or a microphone on the table.
The next part is the practicality of office desks and furniture in the conference room. Most people today use laptops and tablets. Therefore, be sure to install a power outlet to connect the charger next to your conference table. Or with the help of accessories such as electric box, you can access electricity from the table surface. Be aware that sometimes a large number of tablets or laptops may be plugged into these outlets, so make sure you use the correct wiring to support the power supply.
Take light seriously. The light in the conference room is fluid. If you use video projector screens to display information and videos of your products or activities, you must be able to darken the environment. Also, if you have several meetings in one room, it is better to provide lighting with natural light to reduce the side costs of the meetings. Do not block large windows, and automatic screens are usually a good option for using a video projector to change the brightness. Note that light is an important factor in determining the amount of time spent in meetings.

Meeting table

Be sure to have an exact time in your meetings. We offer a large clock that can be seen from anywhere in the room. Even if you need to use two hours so that anyone can easily understand the time. This helps to set the meeting time correctly.
Sound management is also important. If your meeting room is large, it is best to use a microphone in your office furniture. But in small rooms it is not necessary. Adding a microphone can affect the cost of your meeting room, so be prudent.


Office furniture for the waiting area

One of the things you need to keep in mind is the space for your guests, guests and clients to wait. Sometimes talking outside the office is inevitable. Also, sometimes clients have to wait a while to meet someone within your organization, here it is important to design suitable office furniture for lobby and waiting areas. Here we repeat that maintaining the uniformity of the design of this space with the rest of the organization is very important. Although this section is less formal, it is still part of the decoration and office furniture of your organization and you have to design and manage this space properly. Here are some general principles for preparing office furniture for this space as well as designing the decoration of the waiting space:

  • The design of this part should be simple and intimate, do not look for formalities and luxuries, people spend a little time in this space and therefore you do not need to imagine buying expensive office furniture. A few sofas and a few small tables can decorate this space.
  • The decoration of the waiting space should have a sense of intimacy and calm. Using several concept images to fit your organization's workspace may be appropriate.
  • It is better to have the space in such a way that it is possible to travel a lot and quickly.
  • Design the space so that it can be easily cleaned. One of the things to keep in mind here is that these spaces are often near the front door, dust easily enters and sits on the furniture of this environment, it is better to use decoration and office furniture in this space that Have quick and easy cleaning.
  • Although this space is often public, it is better to be a little out of sight. For example, in the lobby and a little further from the reception area is a good place to create a waiting area. This will ensure that guests do not feel disturbed and experience relative calm before the meeting or meeting.

An example of this design can be seen in the image below:

Office furniture for the waiting area

The most important points in the field of office furniture

In this article, we mentioned several points and issues related to the selection and decoration of the office environment. But our discussion does not end here. The following is a suggested way to buy office furniture that will facilitate the definition of your needs and expectations of office furniture. We will also mention the factors that should be considered when buying office furniture and some factors that affect the final price of furniture:

Step-by-step purchase of office furniture

To start choosing and buying office furniture, it is better to consider the following:

  • Define the personality and identity of your business or organization correctly. Choose the concepts of originality and productivity, modernity and classicism, or any other concept correctly and in accordance with the image you want to display in your collection.
  • Make a list of the interests of the main decision-making group or individual (manager, employee, designer, or anyone else).
  • Reach the right intersection of organizational identity and the tastes of the final decision makers. This point can be the basis of your next work in choosing office furniture. Note that neither modern nor classic office furniture, modern or traditional is superior. The only thing we need to understand is the fit of the office furniture with the identity and taste of the people who use it.
  • Make a clear plan for the cost and price of the furniture you want to buy. Manage your budget properly so that you can cover the main needs and then the secondary needs well. If you can not buy at once, it is better to have a specific list based on priority and complete it over time.
  • Avoid scattering in the design. Scattering and being different may seem appealing at first, but it is gradually creating more confusion in people, so limit your choices and move on to cultivating a single taste and identity. Note that if there is a lot of inconsistency in your decoration, your costs will increase.
  • Pay attention to the environment for which you are going to buy the furniture. Cold environments and geographies prefer dark colors, (and it really does), but brighter, warmer environments (like the south) prefer Mediterranean colors. Do not rush and choose everything carefully.


Factors influencing the purchase of office furniture

After determining the list and budget commensurate with the price of office furniture, it is time to choose them. Here you should pay attention to the following points:

  • Each piece of your office furniture should fit in with the other sections. Do not try to choose furniture that is inconsistent with your work. The purpose of each part of your furniture space must be clear. Here you have to check everything carefully.
  • In choosing the dimensions of the furniture, always choose the most practical and at the same time the biggest product that fits your environment. Because they give you a better maneuvering space. But this is not the main rule, if you have cases that you can work with a smaller size, it is preferable.
  • Tables are the most important part of your job. The desk is the main part of office furniture. Be careful in choosing it obsessively. Carefully identify the application spaces you need. See, for example, what office machines should be placed on the desk, what desks, closets or other drawers should be used to work with the desk? How do people interact with the person behind the desk? Should double lighting be used? How does a person work with a desk? Consider all the important factors. Combine size, usability, interaction, light, ergonomics with a bit of foresight to get a good result.

Office workspace

  • Office furniture must be of good quality and it is necessary to use quality and standard raw materials in its production. Production method will also affect the final price of the product.
  • Chairs are the most important part of your furniture. Buy a chair that fits the ergonomics of the user's body as well as his working conditions. Carefully select seat dimensions, flexibility, handles, rotation, wheels, seat stack and material. Be sure to use a color that matches the table and other parts of your decoration for the chair you buy.
  • Conference room chairs should be comfortable. But you do not have to imagine many possibilities for them. This chair is often used for one to two hours, but it is better that they have good use and flexibility.
  • In designing these products, ergonomic principles must be observed so as not to negatively affect the user's physical health in the long run, while guiding the person's physical position to the desired and making the work easier.
  • Choose drawers, shelves and cupboards that fit your other piece of office furniture. Here maintaining integrity and interaction with users is crucial.


Placement of office furniture in different spaces

As mentioned, office spaces have different uses. From public spaces to private spaces of your company, they all form part of your organizational identity and image. When you are looking to buy a set of office furniture, whether modern or classic office furniture, you should pay attention to the spaces.
To work successfully with spaces, it is better to pay attention to the following points:

  • Be sure to determine the use of space before furnishing. The environment you have can be a public reception area (such as a bank), a waiting area (such as a lobby), a crowded and integrated office space (such as a university or office environment), an independent office space (such as a staff room) or a department room. . Each of these spaces has different demands in terms of usage, interaction, light, sound and furniture quality, some of which we mentioned here.
  • Consider user convenience. To do this, carefully review and analyze his daily work behind the desk and office furniture. Daily activities can tell you what to consider for each space. Light, ventilation, movement, views, use of machines, number of clients, security, etc. are some of the points that will affect the choice of your office furniture.
  • Small spaces are more suitable for light decorations so that you can make them look bigger, but large spaces are suitable for classic works with dark colors. It is better to consider the issue of light and user performance in the environment before any planning to buy and choose the type of office furniture.
  • In conference rooms, you should provide enough space for each user, so that he can easily be in the environment and use its facilities. If the conference room environment provides a bad atmosphere for its users, good meetings will probably not be waiting for you. The integration of conference rooms with other office decorations is important (perhaps the most important part), but at the same time you do not have to spend a lot of money to decorate and decorate this space, the simplicity and uniformity of this space can have better results for you.


How to operate and provide environmental services in this area?

With 25 years of experience in designing and producing office furniture and partitions, Mohit Ara Company has provided more than 500 types of office furniture tailored to the different needs and applications required in an organization. If your needs and furniture are known and you are considering a specific product with the help of this article, all you have to do is contact our experts in the sales department and register your order. But if you want the interior design and location of your collection to be done by an expert team and in a principled way, you can get help from the environmental design team for this purpose.
After contacting our sales experts and coordinating for the technical impression of your environment, the design of your space will be done for free by the project-specific design expert and all the steps will be provided to you through the communication portal of your choice. If your order is approved and registered between 7 to 20 working days, depending on the area and workload of your project, the products in your order list will be produced and the furniture will be installed and, if necessary, the office partition will be done in your environment.
The process of designing office decoration in the administrative department of Mohit Ara has been determined and planned according to a chart. By utilizing the integrated Total Environment Management System, which has become a native ERP, the process of carrying out a project is accelerated, as well as the accuracy and speed in designing, producing, installing and delivering a project.
In this route, first the project design is done and the prepared plan is sent to the customer. If the design is not accepted, it is requested that the defects and defects of the design be announced by the customer. If the changes still do not lead to the approval of the decoration ، design, another design with a new edition will be done in the form of a proposal. Finally, after the design is approved by you, after registering the order and completing the finances, all orders and technical drawings drawn with the help of Total environment along with the project tracking code will be sent to Mohit Ara factory and production of office products and partitions will begin. After production, with prior coordination, the technical team of Mohit Ara will send, install and assemble custom items.

What are the most important tips for choosing a good office furniture?

The most important factor to consider when buying office furniture is the fit of your organizational identity with the furniture you buy. In fact, office furniture is part of your organizational identity, so it is better to choose it to fit.

Where to start choosing office furniture?

As a professional office furniture manufacturer, we recommend that you first consider your organizational identity, then clearly define the necessary uses in your organization, and finally consider the area of your organization space and in order of defined priorities, Solve the challenges in each section by purchasing the corresponding office furniture.

How is the price of office furniture determined?

There are many factors in determining the price of office furniture, material, method of construction, type of design, product name and brand, transportation costs, and finally installation and assembly can affect the final price. But in general, office furniture using natural wood is the most expensive furniture, and at the same time, furniture with synthetic and polymer materials is cheaper. For more information read the article "Factors affecting the price of office furniture"

What is the originality and application of office furniture?

Originality and application are the two identities of your corporate furniture. When choosing, you should either choose original furniture with traditional and climatic designs (and compromise a bit on its usability) or go for applications and productivity (and ignore the beauty and uniqueness of the furniture). These two do not take precedence over the other, and your only priority in choosing one of these two principles for choosing office furniture in your collection determines the type of your furniture.

What is usability and interaction in office furniture?

Usability means that the furniture you buy can meet all the user needs of your user, provide enough space for work, space for storing documents, security and so on. Interaction means creating a space for responding to contacts and clients, as well as adapting office furniture to user ergonomics and the environment. If your office furniture does not interact well with clients, the environment and the user, it will certainly fail in usability.

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