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The effect of light on workplace

Lighting is one of the most important elements in the workplace that can seriously affect the success of your business. For this reason, administrative managers and companies are advised to consult with experts in this field in order to illuminate the workplace.

Proper lighting in the workplace and commercial environments has an amazing effect on highlighting the visual effects of the environment. In addition, light is one of the most important factors in human health, and if the office environment is properly illuminated, the work efficiency of employees will increase significantly. Therefore, providing adequate lighting in the workplace is of particular importance.
In some offices, employees work in shifts at different times of the day. For this reason, office layout is very important to enjoy natural light during the day and night. In fact, the work environment should be designed so that the library, filing and other office equipment do not block sunlight into the room.

Because the amount of ambient light is effective in the health of people in the workplace, ‌ We try to arrange office furniture properly in the environment so that enough light, both natural and artificial, is available to all staff. In designing office decoration, it should also be kept in mind that light can play an important role in drawing people's attention to specific topics. Therefore, light can be used to attract the attention of clients and customers.
In the workplace, and in cases where employees need to focus on a specific topic, special lighting can be used for a specific part of the workplace. This light can be provided to employees in the form of a light table or panel so that it can be turned on and off if needed or not. One of the advantages of using this type of light in the workplace is that the light is concentrated in a specific part of the environment and does not affect the lighting of the space.


Workplace lighting with natural light and artificial light

There is natural and artificial light in the environment, the light from the sun's radiation is called natural light. In contrast, artificial light is the light provided by light bulbs and lamps. The lights that are used to create light in the environment have different qualities. Among natural and artificial light, the use of natural light has priority.

The use of natural light in the workplace has subtleties that attention to a few points can have a significant impact on the final result of the decoration. The first point is that natural light does not have the same shape and quality at all times of the day. Rather, the color spectrum of light rays varies at different times of the day and has a different effect on the environment. For example, the rays of the sun in the early morning hours have two color spectrums, pink and blue, along with the yellow color spectrum, which is dominated by the color blue as it approaches the middle of the day.

Artificial lighting also tries to use the pattern of natural light in the workplace. If the office environment is not able to receive natural light, using a variety of lamps can provide enough light for the environment. Lighting design for different office spaces tries to use pastel blue and yellow to simulate sunlight in the early hours of the day. This light can be very effective in creating a sense of calm and energy to employees. In ambient lighting, various types of lights are used, which are installed in the ceiling and wall of the room.


Tips for improving lighting in the workplace

In lighting for professional and standard office layout, first of all, the type of activity of employees in the environment must be specified. Then accurately measure the amount of light required for the environment. The amount of ambient light is different for different rooms in an organization. Also, considering the amount of light required at different times of the day, you should have a clever design for lighting that is appropriate for different times of the day. In gathering information for ambient lighting, one of the main determinants in determining the amount of light required is how much natural light the room uses. Then, based on the studied factors, the arrangement of the lamps and the color of the light and the number of lights are determined.

For an organization's work environment, it is better to use more white and bright lights to increase the energy and desire of employees. This type of light prevents the employees from getting tired and also increases their work efficiency. In these environments, it is recommended that you avoid using lights that are warm in color as much as possible.
You should also be more sensitive about the decoration of the management room, because the management room in a way shows the value and credibility of the organization and the company. It is recommended that in addition to using a quality management desk and excellent furniture, in order to be able to give more feeling to the environment, you should enhance the natural light in the room. For artificial light, it is better to use LED and neon lamps to increase the convincing power and effectiveness of the space.


Standard brightness in the workplace

One of the important points in the workplace is that the ambient light is sufficient and desirable. Because too little or too much light in the environment will cause harm and adverse effects on employees. If the ambient light is low and the brightness does not reach the standard level, the efficiency of employees will decrease in the long run. In addition to reducing work efficiency, eye injuries will be one of the most important complications of lack of light in the environment. Low ambient light increases the error rate of office workers and may cause some unwanted accidents.

Just as lack of light in the workplace is problematic, too much light can cause many side effects. Excessive light in the environment causes the reflection of light in the space to cause headaches and dizziness and affect the health and efficiency of employees. Symptoms of dizziness include pressure and discomfort in the eye area and inflammation and tears.
As mentioned in the workplace, space lighting requires great care. Managers are very sensitive to this issue in order to prevent premature employee fatigue and in order to maintain the eye health of employees. Adequate and adequate lighting in the environment, if selected with the right color spectrum, can increase employee motivation and desire and increase productivity and revenue rates in the company.


The role of light in improving office layout

In the office layout, in addition to providing ambient light and increasing the focus of people to do daily work in the workplace, there are other uses. In fact, in order to be able to create a pleasant atmosphere in the office environment, the location of the library and filing must be determined in a completely principled way. After arranging the equipment, various methods of artificial lighting are used to increase the beauty and visual effect of the offices. In one of the lighting techniques, light can be used in a special way, as more emphasis on important points of the space.
In the workplace and business, one of the important issues of decoration is to attract the attention of customers and clients to certain points and parts of the environment. The principles of accent lighting are used to draw people's attention to a particular element of the environment. In this method, by emphasizing light on a piece of wall, panel or one of the accessories of the environment, the angle of view and focus of people is directed to these points. So that the part of the environment that needs to be seen is highlighted and its side parts are placed in the shade.

Emphasis light can also be used on a piece of office furniture or management desk. Because using this light creates a seductive atmosphere that can create charisma and great impact on people. More light can be used in any part of the space, depending on which element of the office layout you prefer to focus on. Since the range of information and principles related to lighting is very wide, it is better to use the expertise of people with experience in this field to achieve the desired result.

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