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Proper layout and increase the efficiency of available space

In any job position, the correct and principled arrangement of objects and equipment in the work room is very important for your business. It does not matter if you are the manager of a start-up company or the management of a large and experienced business complex. In any case, proper interior design in your work environment is one of the necessities of maintaining your reputation and increasing your income.

  • Decoration features in a standard setting
  • Apply the principles of ergonomics to improve the layout of the office
  • The role of light in standard decoration design
  • Optimal use of space in the workplace

Proper arrangement in different jobs is one of the most important factors in increasing income and productivity in businesses. In fact, one of the reasons for the survival and continuation of successful business activities in a complex is the attractiveness of the work environment for the audience and employees. Therefore, in order to have a deeper impact on the audience and customers, as well as to satisfy employees in the office, interior design in the workplace should be completely standard and principled. Due to the fact that the correct arrangement requires special knowledge and skills, it is recommended that you use the experience of experts in the field of designing your work environment. For this reason, many of the most successful domestic and foreign companies specially use the advice, expertise and skills of environmental designers to decorate their work environment.

The characteristics of a standard environment for work and business are numerous, and designing the correct layout of the environment requires a thorough and specialized study of each field of work. But if we want to make a general point about proper layout standards, the first thing that comes to mind is the order and harmony between the elements in the environment. Workplace discipline has a very positive effect on people's mental activity and creativity. That is why it is recommended that the management desk and work desk of a company's employees be as secluded as possible and perfectly organized. Unnecessary congestion of the environment, while creating visual confusion, causes mental fatigue and prevents the concentration of employees' thoughts.

Another point that should be considered is the route of movement of people. This means that the interior design should be such that there is no obstruction in the movement of people and employees and clients can easily access different parts of the organization. For example, the printer desk should not be located where employees have to move other equipment or disturb other employees on the way if they need it. Also, standard architectural principles for passing and passing in times of danger when arranging furniture must be observed.


Decoration features in a standard setting

The standard environment in the workplace should be examined from various aspects and the required characteristics should be provided. One of the main characteristics is the color in the environment. The color of the walls, floor and other elements in the environment is one of the most effective elements in interior design. By considering the effects of color on people's mood and perception of the environment, ‌ it is possible to have favorable effects on the efficiency of employees and attract the attention of the audience. Another point is that the choice of color can make the space smaller or wider. For example, colors with a dark theme make the space more limited, and light and bright colors make the environment look bigger visually.

Another feature of standard interior design is that the decoration of the environment is determined based on the needs of users and induces a sense of comfort in the environment. The most important thing to note is that the office decoration is flexible. This means that users in the environment have the opportunity to change the decoration without disturbing the general order and principles. This issue is more important for creating diversity in the environment as well as personalizing the decoration based on personal taste and unforeseen conditions in the environment.
Another point to have a standard layout in the environment is that the decoration also has good quality characteristics in terms of aesthetics. In this regard, the use of appropriate colors and light in the environment and accessories appropriate to the decoration and activities of the organization can be helpful. If these items are used in a balanced way in the environment, it creates a pleasant feeling in employees and increases the desire of employees to perform tasks.


Apply the principles of ergonomics to improve the layout of the office

Ergonomics is one of the scientific and applied fields that studies the space and conditions of people in the environment. The purpose of these studies is to improve environmental conditions to increase comfort and create a physically and mentally healthy environment. Many elements in interior design affect ergonomics. Identifying these elements and knowing how to create a standard environment in the company will help you, while maintaining employee and client satisfaction, improve the work efficiency of the entire organization.
One of the issues in the correct arrangement based on ergonomic principles is the use of standard furniture in the workplace. Furniture is the most important element in the environment that can reduce fatigue and improve the work efficiency of employees. When choosing furniture for the office environment based on ergonomic principles, you should first note that office furniture should be based on the predominant size of the people in a community. This is important because when sitting, if the furniture is too small or large, it will deprive people of a sense of comfort and convenience.

Standard furniture for any environment should have certain characteristics depending on the type of user you expect from this furniture. For example, furniture used for staff rest or in the lobby of hotels should be quite comfortable. In this way, employees can recover their energy in a short time and their rest time will be reduced. However, in the case of furniture for employees who are working, depending on the type of work they do, chairs and desks should be selected that maintain the position of employees to perform the activity. For example, the back of the chair fills the lower back and makes it easier to sit flat behind the table.


The role of light in standard decoration design

In a standard environment, the quality of light and brightness of the space is determined by several factors. In addition to providing light and increasing human vision, light has special properties that create beauty and special effects for the environment. A variety of colors and different types of lights with the right design can change the mood of the company. By using the knowledge related to decoration with ambient light, you can create more motivation in the work space and increase people's energy to perform activities. You can also use different spectrums of light to have a different psychological effect on people. The level of trust of your customers and audiences in the company and the peace of mind of the employees are also largely related to the ambient lighting.
Apart from the psychological effect that light has on people, the physical health of the company's employees also depends on proper lighting. Too much light and too little of this element in interior design can cause complications such as headaches, vision problems and insomnia. On the other hand, in order to focus people's attention on specific subjects, using focused lights, people can be focused on the desired point in the environment.

Another advantage of using light in interior decoration is that if the ambient lighting is done professionally, small spaces can be made bigger and more inviting. One way to do this is to use light reflection. In a relatively small room, by placing a large mirror, you can make the environment look wider and larger.


Optimal use of space in the workplace

In the office space, in order to make the best use of the available space, the correct arrangement in the environment should be designed in such a way that the placement of equipment in the environment does not create a problem in the use of equipment and people moving. Because office space includes a variety of equipment such as filing, desks, and computer systems, creating order is one of the most essential things that needs to be done in the right arrangement. In order to create order and increase the productivity of the available space, it is recommended that desks be placed in front of each other in pairs. They can also be passed through special ducts so that the wires of the systems do not create clutter in the space.
One of the things that should be considered in standard office decoration is to identify the environments where employees and clients have more traffic. By identifying these areas, more space is considered in that environment and excessive clutter and clutter in the environment is prevented.

Another method of optimal use of space in the correct office layout is to use the office partition in the environment. Sometimes the architecture of the space is such that it does not fit well with the needs of the organization. In these cases, office partitions can be used to create a new space for employee activities. Another advantage of office partitions is that the cost of partitioning is more economical than the cost of creating a wall and it is more beautiful.

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