About us

About us

Mohitara is a family business with a special joint stock company registered in Tehran. Mohitara started its activity in 1996 in the field of production of office furniture in a small workshop with an area of ​​70 square meters. Now, the factory of Mohitara Company in Abbas-Abad Industrial Town, on a land area of ​​12,000 square meters, continues to operate as the largest and most industrial furniture production factory in the country. Mohitara Company by using powerful hardware support (advanced industrial machines in the field of wood and metal) in the production sector and also using the latest technology of the Italian wood industry in raw materials and using proprietary software and information circulation systems in the design services sector. Order control and office automation‌, is different in the type of service provided. This company in 2003 after formulating its strategic plan by creating sales, warranty, installation and after-sales service organizations and also obtaining 18 standard certifications from 3 world-renowned companies in recent years, as a dynamic, customer-oriented and leading organization. It continues.

View of Mohitara factory

Mohitara is an Iranian registered trademark in 43 branches of industry and all stages of product creation from design to production are done in Iran and centrally in this company.

The name of Mohitara has been chosen quite purposefully and based on a definition of the company's inherent vision. Produces shops and exhibitions, yards and open spaces, educational spaces and transportation furniture.

Mohitara Company, by its unique way and relying on its organizational character, avoids imitating similar products. Environmental products have an environmental identity through the use of a unique method of production, compliance with standards, deep attention to detail, the use of environmentally friendly raw materials, stylish, functionalist, minimalist design and based on different tastes, while maintaining integrity, They are also different from other products. Design in this style has led to maintain the product design, use and visual power over time and prevent boredom.

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The policy and character of the environment, based on its experience and savings, is the production of beautiful, privileged and unique products in an industrial way. It should be said that Mohitara factory is not a big carpenter, but a full-fledged producer of industrial parts such as wood, plastic, glass and metal.

Observing the principles of design engineering, principles of aesthetics, principles of ergonomics, standards of dimensions and human components (anthropometry) and finally having the identity of the environment in the product design, is the policy of the research and development unit of the environment company. Also, this unit pays special attention to the texture, color and psychological and emotional effects of the environment on humans.

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Part of the activities and honors gained
  • Sponsor of Medex 2005
  • Sponsor of Medex 2006
  • Sponsor of Hofex & Medex 2007
  • Tablet of the top manager in 2007
  • The best tablet in creativity and innovation in the furniture industry 2008
  • The best tablet in the furniture industry 2008
  • Memorial plaque supporting the first specialized office furniture exhibition in 2010
  • Memorial plaque sponsoring the second specialized exhibition of office furniture in 2012
  • Memorial plaque sponsoring the third specialized office furniture exhibition in 2013
  • Statue of a private company selected in support of student scientific associations in the Sixth National Movement Festival in 1392 within the framework of the approval of the Cabinet
  • Memorial plaque to the sponsor of the 5th International Office Furniture Exhibition in 2015
  • The best statue in the 5th International Office Furniture Exhibition in 2015
  • Memorial plaque to the sponsor of the Sixth International Office Furniture Exhibition in 2016
  • The best statue in the 6th International Exhibition of Office Furniture in 2016
  • Commemorative plaque of the seventh exhibition of top brands of home furniture and interior decoration in 1398

Policy and standards

Mohitara Company Company, by working in the field of design and production of office, hotel and home furniture, while observing the principles of anthropometry and aesthetics, considers its sustainable development to depend on simultaneous attention to quality, environment, safety and health at work:

TuvNord Certificate

ISO 9001: 2015 quality management system certification from TUV Germany

Iso-14001 Certificate
Iso-OHSAS Certificate
Iso-HSE Certificate

ISO 14001: 2015 Environmental Management Certificate - OHSAS 18001: 2007 Occupational Safety and Health Management Certificate

HSE MS Certificate in Health, Safety and Environmental Management from IMQ Italy

Iso-10004 Certificate
Iso-10003 Certificate
Iso-10002 Certificate
Iso-10001 Certificate

Integrated Management and Customer Support System Certification ISO 10001: 2007 - ISO 10002: 2014 - ISO 10003: 2007 - ISO 10004: 2012

BRS Certificate
CE Certificate
IQ-Net Certificate
association Certificate

EU CE standard from BRS Member of the World Quality Network - Member of the Union of Exporters of Home and Office Furniture

Achieve the following goals while satisfying customer satisfaction:
  • Continuous innovation and improvement of product quality level
  • Increase sales in the domestic market and penetrate foreign markets
  • Continuous increase of the level of knowledge and skills of employees as the main capital of the organization
  • Continuously increase the level of customer loyalty
  • Prevention of environmental pollution
  • Prevention of work accidents and promotion of safety and environmental health
  • Business process management using a comprehensive electronic management system (Total environment)
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